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13. My Way (feat. Monty)Fetty Wap, Monty • Fetty Wap (Deluxe). 3:330: 13 reasons why · Me and my shawty ✨ · ska vi?? Liiit.

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Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Add Image. S2, Ep11.

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Monty make-out scene with Winston Williams at a rich kids' party.13 Reasons Why 3x05(All rights go to Netflix) I do not own the content of this video.Hi guys! Season 3 just came out and here's my first (and one of my favorite) edits of this season, from Monty and Wins As much as I hated the Monty/Tyler scene in 13 reasons why I'm happy it shed a light on male victims. Sexual assault and rape is never about sex and all about the power they have over you. Such a heartbreaking scene.

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2020-06-13 · Bryce and Monty from 13 Reasons Why. But, from the trailer of Season 4, we know that not everyone believes that Monty is responsible for Bryce’s death. This can be identified by the spray paint on the door saying “Monty was framed”. Estella is Monty’s younger sister, who is just entering high school in Season 4.

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3:330: 13 reasons why · Me and my shawty ✨ · ska vi?? Liiit. 44% Popularitet • 28% Dansbarhet • 66% Energi • 13% Livlighet J. Monty) (feat.
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Why was Monty is jail in 13 Reasons Why? In case you've forgot, Monty was in jail for brutally raping Tyler. He attacked him with the end of a mop at the end of season 2.

Monty "dies" and Clay gets exposed and revealed to be the victim of what appears to be a deadly fraternity prank orchestrated by Diego. Outstanding performan Remember to SUBSCRIBE for more videos.
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He attacked him with the end of a mop at the end of season 2. After talking to Jessica, Tyler was eventually brave enough to tell the truth and Monty was in jail awaiting trial. 2020-06-07 · 13 Reasons Why Season 4 Image Netflix.

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We say blamed as it turns out the teens we’ve grown to know and love have framed Monty after Zach injured Bryce WARNING: Contains spoilers from 13 Reasons Why season 3. At the end of season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, Alex's dad, Deputy Standall told Ani that Monty was "killed in his jail cell just hours ago Related: 13 Reasons Why reveals identity of Bryce's killer Tyler Downs was brutally and sexually assaulted by Monty in the high school bathroom back in season 2, and the new season saw Tyler The internet is currently on fire with conversations about the brand new season of 13 Reasons Why. Since dropping on Friday (May 18th), the second season of the show has already managed to cause controversy over its shocking and "unnecessary" sexual assault scene and has sparked a ton of tweets about Hannah Baker's life after death. 13 Reasons Why season 3 revealed that Monty De La Cruz, played by Timothy Granaderos, is gay. Monty meets a guy named Winston and also has to face the consequences of assaulting Tyler in 13 Reasons Why season 2.